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Grieskirchen is embedded within an agricultural cultivated landscape. Since centuries the fruitful farmland is used to feed people. At first this village has developed as a trading and marketplace of these products. Grieskirchen received his grant privileges of a town on February, 9th, 1613. Nowadays most of the income still is based on agricultural products as well as machines for seeding and harvesting.

The earth is twisting and moving on an orbit around the sun. Therefore it seems to us that the sun itselfe moves from east to west across the sky rather constantly. This movement directly determines day and seasonal changings. Using a sundial this movements can be taken to measure the actual time by observing the moving shadows in direction and length.

He realized the prinziples of the movements of planets and formulated the concernig physical laws.

At the time Grieskirchen got his grant privileges of a town in 1613 Johannes Kepler lived nearby in Linz and was a member of the provincial government. His area of authority was the countryside mathematics.

Most probably he participated at the cerenomy granting the town privileges of Grieskirchen with the then first major of Grieskirchen Christoph Manglburger. Manglburger owed the local inn (at that time Stadplatz 8, today Stadplatz 4 "Zum Weißen Kreuz"/Zweimüller). Possibly Kepler spent the night at Manglburgers inn because the road from Linz to Grieskirchen and back could not be tackled within one day.

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