Preliminary Study

The project started in April 2012 with fundamental design and a preliminary study. The aim was to satify the council of the municipality of Grieskirchen.

Mounting the Gnomon

At first in December 2012 the Gnomon has been mounted - temperatur 0°C and rain and snow.


After an observing period the Gnomon/mirror got a fine adjustment.


Weatherconditions delayed the proper calibration measurements (exact capturing of the shadow movement during one day). Therefore later in May 2013 paintings started on the wall - temperature 30°C without a shadow.


Within June 2013 just before the summer solstice the than ready KEPLERUHR has been handed over to the municipality: Major and people/companies from the project team.


Due to improve the public viewing additional signs like an QR-Code and brochure display stands have been placed to KEPLERUHR and within the town.