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Preliminary Study

The project started in April 2012 with fundamental design and a preliminary study. The aim was to satify the council of the municipality of Grieskirchen.

Mounting the Gnomon

At first in December 2012 the Gnomon has been mounted - temperatur 0°C and rain and snow.


After an observing period the Gnomon/mirror got a fine adjustment.


Weatherconditions delayed the proper calibration measurements (exact capturing of the shadow movement during one day). Therefore later in May 2013 paintings started on the wall - temperature 30°C without a shadow.


Within June 2013 just before the summer solstice the than ready KEPLERUHR has been handed over to the municipality: Major and people/companies from the project team.


Due to improve the public viewing additional signs like an QR-Code and brochure display stands have been placed to KEPLERUHR and within the town.

Partial Sun Eclipse March 2015

There has been a huge public viewing at the partial Sun eclipse on March 25, 2015. About 650 people partly from surounding schools took part.

Selfies at Summer Solstice

Here are some selfies at the KEPLERUHR following an announcement for delivery.

Handicrafting Sundials 2017/18

During summer breaks there are sundial handicraft days - built in shadow, tested at the sun.

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