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Reading the time can be done by two procedures:ZiffernblattSchattenSpiegel1

GnomonSpiegelTop at the Gnomon there is the Nodus whose shadow position indicates the actual time. At both of the sides of the Nodus (diameter 300 mm; slot 20 mm directing south meridian) there are circular mirrors which are oriantated slightly down. One mirror is directing east and reflects the rising morning sun to the wall, the other one directs west and reflects the setting evening sun. Because the Nodus is horizontaly even with the upper flat edge of the wall reflexions of the sun are projected onto the wall while the wall itselfe is within the shadow. This is the case in summer time - within morning and evening hours the sun is north.





Funktion1Finaly the time can be read while there is no direkt shadow from the Nodus at the wall.

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