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Schutzgehäuse des RaspberryPi in Richtung KepleruhrKEPLERUHR now can be viewed live via webcam. A RaspberryPi with Pi-Cam takes images periodically and transfers them via FTP to the server. Unter Live-View you can follow the camera image. Further details of the solution can be found at GKU Cam Project.

There are two new sundials at the building of the elemtary school in Wallern/Upper Austria: One outdoor - one indoor. Please also see Projects > Wallern and three image series on Flickr:

IMG 2236  IMG 7651  IMG 2263  IMG 2241  IMG 2227


ParzFresko2On June 10th 2017 the municipal council of the town Grieskirchen has been invited for guids to two huge frescos: Elfriede Romankiewicz explained historical background and many details of the biggest free fresco of the Renaissance at Schloß Parz - the topic is reformation; age about 430 years. Kurt Niel explained the KEPLERUHR - age 4 years; relation to Renaissance at least by Johannes Kepler. The distance of both frescos is about 15 minutes walk.


In 2020 due to Covid-19 unfortunately we had to cancel the handicraft afternoon.

In 2017 (eight participants), 2018 (eleven), and 2019 (twelve) children from 8-12 years built their own sundials at KEPLERUHR (design by Additionaly the movement of the shadow has been observed at different times. More comfort has been achieved behind the building using the shadow.

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