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At the new building of the elementary school in Wallern/Upper Austria two sundials have been erected by ARGE Burgstaller/Niel:

  • One Gnomon/Nodus sundial outdoor southwest
  • One lens/mirror sundial indoor at the entry hall.

The ARGE (working group) has established for this structure work: Erwin Burgstaller is sculptor living in Gallspach. He is working in stone, metal, wood and corresponds to the finit feature of our environment respectively its suppose limits. "Attention, we are living on a sphere" is his continuous idea. Kurt Niel is teacher living in Grieskirchen. His domain is metrology, machine vision, natural science. He is busy with questions of recognition of correlations by observation of nature, physics, and spirit.



LichtschachtRiWest2IMG 2263

Lens/Mirror Sunddial

A lens just below the glas roof projects the circle of the sun to the ground floor. A bended mirror reflects the sunbeams through the narrow lightwell. At the ground there are day and hour lines. Day lines are indicating the way of the solar disc at the solstices and the equinox. At full hours the hour lines are crossed.

Video of the final works indoor





IMG 7651

Gnomon/Nodus Sundial

The Gnomon is parallel to the earth axis and carries a Nodus at its top. The bar is kept by a ring. The material is stainless steel. The face/dial is horizontal at the ground; at the wall there are three ellipses marking the positions of the shadow of the Nodus on solstices and equinox at 12:00 noon.

Video of the final works outdoor and shadow movemet


Erection and Implementation

Three image series on Flickr show:

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